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Pro Guard Flea and Tick Pet Collar

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Introducing Our Fresh-Scented Flea and Tick Collar: Protect Your Pup with Long-Lasting Defense!

Are you tired of dealing with pesky fleas and ticks on your furry friend? Say goodbye to those unwanted pests with our powerful Fresh-Scented Flea and Tick Collar. Packed with advanced features and benefits, it's the ultimate solution for keeping your dog safe and comfortable all year round.

Key Features:

Effective Protection: Our collar kills and repels fleas, ticks, flea eggs, and flea larvae, providing comprehensive defense against these common parasites. Plus, it prevents flea eggs from hatching for up to 8 months, ensuring long-lasting results.

Water-Resistant Design: Don't let a little rain dampen your pup's protection. Our collar features a water-resistant design, so it remains effective even if your dog takes an unexpected dip or enjoys a playful romp in the rain.

Convenient Usage: Designed for hassle-free application, our collar can be worn simultaneously with your dog's regular collar, making it a seamless addition to their daily routine.

Universal Fit: With an adjustable design, our collar fits dogs with necks measuring up to 22 inches, providing a comfortable and secure fit for pups of all sizes.

Safe for All Ages: Suitable for both adult dogs and puppies 12 weeks of age and older, our collar offers peace of mind for pet owners of all experience levels.


Continuous Defense: Keep your dog protected around the clock with our collar's long-lasting effectiveness, so you can enjoy worry-free outdoor adventures together.

Fresh Scent: Say hello to a fresh-smelling pup! Our collar features a pleasant scent that keeps your furry friend smelling clean and inviting, even after outdoor playtime.

Easy to Use: Simply slip the collar around your dog's neck and adjust it for a snug fit. No messy applications or monthly treatments required—just effortless protection in one convenient package.

Veterinarian Recommended: Trusted by veterinarians and pet owners alike, our collar offers reliable protection backed by industry expertise and customer satisfaction.

Don't let fleas and ticks ruin your dog's day. Invest in our Fresh-Scented Flea and Tick Collar today and enjoy a happier, healthier pup tomorrow!

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