NightSafe Reflective Dog Leash

Ideal for Medium and Large Dogs: This robust leash is perfect for dogs weighing 20 to 150 pounds. It's built to withstand the powerful pulling force when your furry friend charges ahead, ensuring their safety during walks.

Reflective Safety: Your nighttime walks just got safer! Our leash is woven with reflective materials, providing visibility during low-light conditions. Even if your dog slips away, the reflective leash helps you quickly locate them, ensuring both of your safety.

Comfortable Handling: Enjoy long walks without discomfort. Our leash features a soft padded sponge handle, ensuring a comfortable grip during extended walks with your beloved dogs. No more worries about hand injuries when dealing with sudden strong pulls.

High-Strength Durability: Crafted from multiple small nylon threads, this leash is incredibly lightweight yet exceptionally tough. It combines good softness with durability, ensuring it stands the test of time. You can maintain control over your dog without them feeling uncomfortable due to the leash's lightweight design.