Interactive Dog Teeth-Cleaning Ball

Designed with your dog's dental health in mind, this toy features innovative zigzag molar bumps, strategically arranged both horizontally and vertically. When your pet plays with this toy, it comprehensively cleans their incisors, effectively removing food residue, dirt, and dental calculus while safeguarding their oral health.

For the initial playtime, especially for larger dogs, we recommend limiting it to 15 minutes and gradually increasing to 20-30 minutes daily. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

Crafted from upgraded, soft, and safe TPR material, this toy won't harm your dog's health or deform even during extended play. It also includes a bite-resistant cotton string.

Enhance your dog's dental care by applying pet toothpaste or a dental chew on the phagostimulant to pique their interest and promote teeth cleaning during play.

The jagged molar bumps excel at cleaning the hard-to-reach areas of your pet's posterior teeth. This versatile product is suitable for various dog sizes, including some strong dog breeds.