Floating Rubber Dog Ball

  • High Bounce, Floating & Virtually Indestructible □ Made with rubber to the core, these dog balls are bouncing enough for dogs, floats in the water and won't sink (unlike other balls) and beyond, are completely indestructible dog toys and resist aggressive chewing by small to medium dogs.
  • Strong, durable and easy to clean. These strong dog toys are long-lasting, and the type of material makes it durable and these pet toys are very easy to clean and maintain. Wipe with water and rinse to remove dust, dirt or even mud. A well-designed rubber dog toy.
  • Textured, bright and vibrant colours. Designed with bright and attractive colours to keep your dog alert and find the ball from a distance. The outer surface of the solid dog balls is textured, which reinforces a strong grip between the dog's teeth and these rubber dog balls. Great dog boredom toy.
  • Odourless, safe and non-toxic. Made with rubber to the core, these toy balls for dogs are free from smell, are non-toxic and completely safe toy dogs.