Cat Chasing Balance Toy

  • The cat toys are made of environmentally friendly and healthy food-grade ABS material, which is strong, wear-resistant and durable. The balance toy can be used for several cats at the same time, which can effectively improve the intelligence of the cats as they are learning how to play
  • When the cat is playing, gently exerting force can make the toy body sway freely back and forth, and the wheels on both sides of the cat balance car can move back and forth. A counterweight is designed on the bottom of the toy so that the toy will not tip over. The toy will move on its own as the counterweight swings back and forth. When the cat balance car toy is placed horizontally, it will spin like a top to attract more interest from the cat, and help the cat spit out hairball
  • The cat can play with toys alone or interact with the owner. The rotate toys and the interactive cat ball/feather will bring multiple fun to the cat, so that the cat will not damage the furniture, clothes, etc.
  • This cat toy comes with 1 interactive cat ball and 1 interactive feather, which can be switched to use, but not simultaneously