Affordable Reflective Dog Harness With Leash

Introducing our Lightweight and Breathable Double Mesh Fabric Dog Harness – the Perfect Blend of Comfort and Convenience!

  • Small (S): Neck - 9.45 inches / Chest - 13.39 inches
  • Medium (M): Neck - 11.81 inches / Chest - 15.35 inches
  • Large (L): Neck - 13.39 inches / Chest - 18.11 inches
  • Extra Large (XL): Neck - 14.96 inches / Chest - 22.44 inches
  • Leash: 0.59 inches wide / 47.24 inches long

 Product Features:

 Breathable Double Mesh Fabric: Crafted with breathable double mesh fabric, this harness keeps your furry friend cool and comfortable during walks or outdoor adventures.

 Soft Edges for Maximum Comfort: We understand that your dog's comfort is a top priority. That's why our harness is designed with soft edges to prevent chafing or discomfort.

 Easy to Clean: The convenience doesn't stop at comfort. Our harness is machine washable, making it a breeze to keep clean and fresh.

 Snap-On Buckle: Putting on and taking off the harness is a snap, thanks to the secure snap-on buckle.

 Customizable Fit: With an adjustable chest strap and overall design, you can ensure the perfect fit for your dog, providing a snug yet comfortable experience.

Non-Pull Design: Say goodbye to pulling and tugging during walks. Our harness is engineered to discourage pulling, making your walks more enjoyable for both you and your pet.

 Padded for Extra Comfort: Your dog deserves the best, and our harness delivers with its padded design, providing that extra layer of comfort your pet will love.

 Reflective: Safety is paramount. Our harness features reflective elements to enhance visibility during low-light conditions, ensuring your dog's safety during nighttime adventures.

 Elevate your dog's walking experience with our Lightweight and Breathable Double Mesh Fabric Dog Harness. Order yours today and enjoy worry-free walks with your furry companion!