100% Natural Himalayan Yak Cheese Churpi Dog Treat

    • Dog Churpi Chew is handmade with premium yak and cow milk that is smoke-dried to form a yummiest and healthiest treat for all dog breeds. This chewy treat is safe, long-lasting, and nutritious as yak milk is loaded with vitamins and minerals and is excellent for dog’s sensitive to ailments and allergies. It has unique resistance and is perfect for dogs that love a challenge. The delicious recipe and curious texture will leave them drooling for more. So, treat your dog with the best tasty, chewy treat that promotes dental health and is a source of fun too.

      • A combination of 100% natural grass-fed yak & cow milk mixed with lime juice and salt.
      • Promotes good dental health and occupy your dog’s boredom.
      • Safe and full of essentials enriching protein and calcium.
      • Nutritionally balanced & easily digestible chew.
      • Single-Ingredient & long-lasting chew.

      Key Benefits:

      • Long-lasting treat that amuses your dog.
      • Yak and cow milk are highly appropriate for dogs as it is full of good nutrients.
      • Excellent for dental health.
      • Unique texture that lets your dog drooling over the chew.
      • Gluten-free with no artificial additives & preservatives.
      CHEW TYPE Treat
      LIFESTAGE Adult
      BREED SIZE All Breeds- Large, Medium, Small Breeds
      DIET SPECIALITY Grain Free, Gluten Free, Chemical Free, 100% Natural Treat
    • Ingredients
    • Himalayas Yak milk, Cow milk from local farm combined with lime juice and salt

    • Crude Protein (Min) 70%
      Crude Fiber (Max) 1%
      Crude Fat (Min) 0.5%
      Moisture (Max) 12%
      Ash (Max) 6%
      Energy (Kcal/100gms) 328
    • Ideal For : Aggressive & Powerful Chewers

      • Choose an appropriate chew for your breed life stages
      • Supervise your dog while feeding and provide fresh drinking water
      • In case of splintering or sharp edges, discontinue feeding

      *This is a natural product, so each size may vary from the other*